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The A-Town Art Agency is the brainchild of B. Glasper, Executive Director of the B-Aware Foundation, and founder of A-Town Day. A-Town Day was an awareness festival series that ran from 2007-2013. We were fortunate to have our events at venues like Morris Brown and Turner Field to Lakewood and Auburn Avenue. We received a few proclamations and a house resolution for our efforts in the community. My love for the arts started in art class and it has stayed with me until this day. I have a deep love for art and most of my friends have been graffiti guys, but I never liked the way my lines looked so I got frustrated and stopped focusing on it.


I decided to focus on executive protection and marketing before I went to college (Full Sail) to acquire an Associate's degree in audio engineering and a Bachelor's degree in Entertainment Business. I’ve worked with some of the biggest promoters, record labels, club owners, and artists in the industry in one way or another. We’re good at connecting the dots. We have many years of experience reaching out to sponsors, business owners, vendors, potential clients, and anybody else on our call list. This is what we do! If you can visualize it – we can materialize it!

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